May 4, 2020

Life Of A Florist - By Annette Lindsey of I Do Weddings with Love

A florist’s day involves getting hands dirty, cleaning buckets, processing flowers, crunching numbers for orders, logistics of every thing coming together, contacting growers to order all the flowers, triple checking that the pink is the right shade of pink, setting up of the products,etc. There is so much more to being a florist than just playing with pretty flowers. 


I am absolutely a fan of Pinterest, but it’s my job to bring you back from the world of luxury to match your budget. I would love to be able to create beautiful, cascading arrangements. We all know we cannot. I know how to help get the biggest bang your budget will allow.


Flowers are not clean. Your hands WILL be dirty when you’redone. There will be dirt under your fingernails, and your palm lines will be stained green. It is not glamorous. I can’t tell you the last time I got a manicure because I know the nail polish will just chip within hours of working.


Where will you be getting your flowers and greens?  Sure,there is Sam’s Club, Costco, and places on-line. But then…

What happens when half a bunch of your flowers comes in bruised, molded, or frozen? What happens when the flowers you ordered don’t show up, and you get stuck in the customer service loop with no answers or solutions?


Trust me when I tell you that every bunch of flowers does NOT arrive in pristine condition, with no broken heads, no bruising, or no mold. This is when having a great relationship with your wholesaler comes in handy!


How do you know you’ll have enough roses, hydrangeas, greens to fill all 20 centerpieces?  How do you cost out each centerpiece, so you know you’re staying within your budget?

We all have that moment of oops totally counted that wrong.  There have been times that I have needed to call my wholesaler at the last minute 

Who will be the one tasked with spending their morning packing, delivering, setting up, and tearing down all the centerpieces?


Depending on how many details you have on your tables, this can be a timely task when your mothers, aunts, or girlfriends should be relaxing and getting ready to celebrate you and your love. 


A florist isn’t just playing with pretty flowers all day. There are so many different stressors that come with designing centerpieces and bouquets for a wedding. This is a very important day, and we all want it to be beautiful.


Being your florist means I take all of those floral worries off your shoulders. I hold all the stress that your flowers look perfect,colors flow together, nothing wilts, and your day comes together just as we discussed.


It is my greatest reward when I see your face light up when you first see your bouquet.


Brides, take that week leading up to your wedding to relax,enjoy your wedding bliss, spend the time you have with family and friends who have traveled near and far to celebrate you. TAKE the time to get a massage, be pampered with a mani and pedi.  Do not get your hands dirty,so that stunner of a rock on your finger sparkles just as bright as the love you two share.


Take that week to love your best friend and celebrate that love.You deserve it. Leave the stress of flowers to your florist. I have been creating for over 25 years. I love it.I would not change my love for being a florist with any other job.

By Annette Lindsey - I Do Weddings With Love