October 20, 2019

National Portrait Gallery & The REACH at the Kennedy Center


I was introduced to Michelle and Alex by Lisseth at Allore Events & Design. I truly enjoyed capturing Michell and Alex’s National Portrait Gallery engagement photos! They were such a wonderful and lovely couple and I cannot wait for their November 2020 Fairmont Washington DC wedding! Checkout the photos and read their love story below!

How did he pop the question?

Alex told Michelle they were going to a movie premier at the National Museum of African American History and Culture and one of her favorite actresses would be there. They got all dressed up and went to the museum, when they arrived, Alex’s sister Madeline, who works for the museum, escorted the couple to the employee balcony. Michelle thought nothing of it and was leading the way. When she turned around, Alex was on one knee and a photographer was there to capture the moment. Afterwards, Alex kept the surprises coming and had arranged for a party back at their apartment with close friends and family.

What is your favorite memory together?

We had planned a 5 day trip to Orlando to visit Disney world and Universal Studios, it was going to be Michelle’s first time and Alex wanted to share the joy he experienced going with his family when he was younger. The trip had been planned and we were all set to go. What Michelle didn’t know was she was getting proposed to the day before, so after celebrating their engagement with friends and family, they left for their trip and celebrated the entire time. It truly was magical.

What’s your favorite thing about your Significant other?
My favorite thing about Alex is how thoughtful and generous he is. He takes the time to think about every little detail and does his best to make sure everyone in his presence is happy. If he knows something is wrong, he works hard to try and help them forget about it or resolve it. He also has a great sense of humor and can make me laugh in every situation.

National Portrait Gallery and The Reach at Kennedy Center Engagement Photos by Arvin Photography LLC